Refund Policy


General Terms and Conditions



As we are a digital product and digital focused school we do not offer any refunds under any circumstances for all online courses. Access is given immediately upon purchase. Perio School reserves the right to withdraw access for failure of any payments at any time.

Perio School does not offer refunds or partial refunds for using incorrect discount codes or missing out on special offers so please purchase correctly, if you are unsure then please check with a member of the team by contacting us on [email protected].



If you have signed up to a course in advance and cannot make the date of the course at a later date then please get in touch and we will try to accommodate but this will be at the discretion of the operations team and only if we are able to make things work logistically. Provided you let us know at least 30 days before the beginning of the course you are enrolled on, we will aim to offer you a place on any of the following in-person courses up to a maximum of one year of the date in question.

This is due to setup overheads, hire costs and the immense amount of logistics that goes into making in-person courses work along with our waiting list of people who wish to attend our courses. This only applies if you notify us prior to the event that your circumstances have changed.



If for any reason you decide you are not able to make any of the in person courses then the below refund policy applies:

Cancellation 150-121 Days before course = 100% refund

Cancellation 120-91 Days before course = 50% refund 

Cancellation within the 90-0 days before the course = No refund



Perio School reserves the right to modify their terms and conditions at any time. From time to time Perio School may change the pricing of their courses to run campaign offers.