Online Courses

The Hygienist Course (Online)

£790.00 + VAT (GBP)

The Essentials of Perio Course (Online)

£790.00 + VAT (GBP)

The Local Anaesthetic Mini Masterclass

£300.00 + VAT (GBP)

The Airflow Mini Masterclass

£95 + VAT (GBP)

The Ortho-Perio Mini Masterclass

£300 + VAT (GBP)

In-Person Learning - PG Diploma in Periodontics

Diploma in Periodontics:
For Dentists
£8,500.00 + VAT (GBP)
Diploma in Periodontics:
For Hygienists and Therapists
£6,000.00 + VAT (GBP)

In-Person Learning

The Hygienist Course
£850.00 + VAT (GBP)
The Crown Lengthening Course
£825 + VAT (GBP)
The Clinic Day
Ā£200.00 + VAT (GBP)
The MentoringĀ Course
Ā£850.00 + VAT (GBP)
The Perio Programme for Nurses
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The Minimally Invasive Non-Surgical Therapy Course
From Ā£350 + VAT (GBP)
TheĀ Perio Day for Nurses
Ā£250 + VAT (GBP)