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Dr Reena Wadia,
Founder and Lead Instructor

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What members are saying…

Dr Yewande Oduwole
Dentist - The Essentials of Perio Course

"I would definitely recommend this course to anyone that just wants to learn and add value to their careerespecially students."

Dr Tom Goodin
Dentist - The Perio Course

"I've got a few cases, which I would've previously had to refer out - but now I feel like simple crown lengthening procedures I can take on myself which can really help with my aesthetic cases."


Dr Beth Rushworth
Dentist - The Essentials of Perio Course

"Personally I like the option of being able to learn from anywhere or learn on the go, so I found the videos really accessible and useful for me and they really fit into my lifestyle."

Dr Vinay Raniga
Dentist - The Essentials of Perio Course

"It's got everything you need to know from the new classification to learning about handscaling and ultrasonic scaling to the more complicated such as crown lengthening."

Dr Raabiha Mann
Dentist - The Essentials of Perio Course

"I think it's basic enough for those that have newly qualified but it's also complex enough for those that have had years of experience. Would 100% recommend."


Dr Erin Morgan
Dentist - The Essentials of Perio Course

"The videos are broken down into small bitesize chunks, the pace is good and flowcharts are used which is great if you are a visual learner."

Ms Nicole Elango
Dental Student - The Essentials of Perio Course

"I definitely do recommend this to any undergraduate dental students, hygienist students and clinicians. It covers a whole range of topics."

Dr Ariane Sampson
Dentist - The Essentials of Perio Course 

"They're quick short, sharp but very effective and efficient lessons in perio which is essential for any clinician, be it a Specialist Orthodontist or General Dentist"

Dr Victoria Sampson
Dentist - The Essentials of Perio Course

"The lessons show us how we can provide our patients with the best, holistic, multi-disciplinary care."

Ms Lottie Manahan
Hygienist - The Hygienist Course

"Everything she teaches me I can integrate into practice. There's many courses I've been on that are like ticklists to fill my CPD but with Reena I learn so much that I use in my working day to improve my patient journey."

Ms Anna Middleton
Hygienist - The Hygienist Course

"Whether you are a newbie, or have been a hygienist for some time this course will help grow your confidence and your skills as a clinician"

Ms Claire Louise
Hygienist - The Hygienist Course

"Reena's teaching style is really easy to learn from. It makes the whole process easier to absorb. The graphics themselves are really vibrant and entertaining. I would thoroughly recommend".

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