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The Hygienist Course (Online)


Ms Anna Middleton

Hygienist - The Hygienist Course

"Whether you are a newbie, or have been a hygienist for some time this course will help grow your confidence and your skills as a clinician"


Ms Claire Louise

Hygienist - The Hygienist Course

"Reena's teaching style is really easy to learn from. It makes the whole process easier to absorb. The graphics themselves are really vibrant and entertaining. I would thoroughly recommend".


Ms Linzy Baker

Hygienst - The Hygienist Course

"The Hygienist course online truly is for any type of clinician. When I left university I did not feel prepared and Reena's learning really helped me excel. I absolutely recommend this course."


Ms Lottie Manahan

Hygienist - The Hygienist Course

"Everything she teaches me I can integrate into practice. There's many courses I've been on that are like ticklists to fill my CPD but with Reena I learn so much that I use in my working day to improve my patient journey."


Ms Soha Rashid

DHT Student - The Hygienist Course

"I found it very helpful because there are so many topics that Reena explains incredibly well. She goes in bitesize chunks and there is a quiz after every module. You have lifetime access. You also have access to a Facebook group where she can help you out with cases and topics you may be finding difficult. Super engaging."

The Hygienist Course (In-Person)


Ms Hannah Tait

Hygienist - The Hygienist Course

"The most helpful thing was learning to think like a clinician. It's inspired me to apply for different jobs and have the confidence again."


Ms Maggie Mont

Hygienist - The Hygienist Course

"I would definitely recommend it. I came because I needed some motivation and that's exactly what I got."


Ms Nea Korpela

Hygienist - The Hygienist Course

"Coming from Finland, it was very crucial information on how things are done in the UK."


Ms Rubika Samra

Hygienist - The Hygienist Course

"You feel really confident afterwards and you feel confident about speaking to your principal about things that are going on at your current practice. Lots of things that are not taught at university. Very inspiring and I would do it all over again".


Ms Sabina Liu

Hygienist - The Hygienist Course

"Really enjoyed the course. It was really relevant and it was nice to update my knowledge and do some hands-on too. It was nice to meet new people who have the same type of thoughts".


Ms Toni McGovern

Hygienist - The Hygienist Course

"I found it incredibly intuitive and wonderful to be able to share ideas with everybody. Hearing from professional experience on how it should be implemented. Lots of extra things to add into audits and practice protocols. It was brilliant. I wish I could do it forever!"


Ms Yana Ariyayagam

Hygienist - The Hygienist Course

"I found Reena's course extremely interesting and useful. A lot of the subjects on the course I can apply to my every day at work. I would highly recommend it."


Ms Danuta, Zoe and Magdalena

Hygienists - The Hygienist Course

"Really informative and it's great coming as a team of hygienists coming from the same practice so we can implement everything together. It's definitely going to improve my work and we've learnt lots of new skills to improve ourselves not just clinically but professionally too."


Mr Abbas Jagani

Hygienist - The Hygienist Course

"I absolutely loved it, you sometimes think you know a lot but then you end up picking up so much more each session."


Ms Sarra Mohamed

Hygienist - The Hygienist Course

"I'm an overseas dentist and I wanted an insight on how hygiene works in the UK. The course was really useful and I'd recommend it to overseas dentists coming to the UK."


Ms Marguerite Kelly

Hygienist - The Hygienist Course

"We've been given a lot to put into practice. You have stuff to really work on and I appreciate it lots."


Ms Kasia Porebska

Hygienist - The Hygienist Course

"I did enjoy the training very much. It's given me lots of confidence in the occupation in general so I really thank you for that."


Mr Suraj Bhatt

Hygienist - The Hygienist Course

"I thoroughly enjoyed it. There's a lot in the course that I learnt that I"m currently not doing in daily practice. It's a very jam packed course with lots of information. I definitely feel I've become a better clinician after the course and met some really lovely hygienists and friends."


Ms Rahana Begum

Hygienist - The Hygienist Course

"Really enjoyable, I gained a lot more out of it than expected. She's given me a whole list of things to think about, which is great. It's always important to be prepared to develop yourself clinically and professional. I thoroughly enjoyed it."


Ms Harneek Sangha

Hygienist - The Hygienist Course

"Reena has given us some really great tips on how to improve our note taking and templates going forwards. I would 100% recommend the course. Reena is very welcoming."


Ms Sal Buckle

Hygienist - The Hygienist Course

"It's a great course. If you have any slight worries or niggles it will boost your confidence so you can go out there and do it!"


Ms Phillipa Finch

Hygienist - The Hygienist Course

"I was highly recommended by some of my colleagues to do this course. Really enjoyed the perio classification, it was definitely simplified. I now understand it perfectly. I would definitely recommend the course. It's a good refresher for those who have been working for a long time and for those who have just come out of uni as there's a lot of things that will help you along the way."


Ms Bianca Agirbicean

Hygienist - The Hygienist Course

"I really liked the hands-on practical part of the course. Everything is very informative and I really enjoyed it. Reena loves sharing and her passion for perio is amazing."


Ms Harkirat Boyal

Hygienist - The Hygienist Course

"Unbelievable, its super helpful you know, just qualified or graduated from uni and its just elevated I feel like my clinical skills and my knowledge to the next level..."


Ms Meryl Colley

Hygienist - The Hygienist Course

"So the course has been really really helpful, its given me a few really good ideas that I want to take back to practice with me, its given me a lot more knowledge that I didn't have before and I cant wait to go back to practice to try everything out."


Ms Nina Humphris

Hygienist - The Hygienist Course

"Coming on this course this weekend has really helped me gain some more confidence and realise that the things I am implementing are correct, being newly qualified it has really helped me a lot."


Mr Anita Patel

Hygienist - The Hygienist Course

"The course for me has been really interesting, extremely helpful, I've picked up quite a few tips, but it's also reinforced wha I am doing in practice is the best way to work."


Ms Lily Gibbons

Hygienist - The Hygienist Course

"I would definitely recommend this course to anyone in particular sort of recently qualified hygienists, just given me a bit more of a confidence sort of taken a step back and hand instrumentation and ultrasonic not on patients and just having that time to really just practice what I'm doing."


Ms Asma Hussain

Hygienist - The Hygienist Course

"...I am a hygienist, overseas dentist registered as a hygienists and a I will 100% recommend the course, it really has boosted up my confidence and I am ready to treat my patients on Thursday. ."


Ms Nikema Greenaway

Hygienist - The Hygienist Course

"...Really enthusiastic, I feel much more confident within myself, my clinical knowledge and my practical skills...."


Mr Ibrahim Hakim

Hygienist - The Hygienist Course

"...Very beneficial, came early from my flight from America, so ye, worked out well. Today we went through different types of products, difference hand instruments, different types of powders...."


Ms Oonagh Cronin

Hygienist - The Hygienist Course

"...I've come from Dubai, It's been a brilliant experience, really hands on and engaging and I look forward to taking everything I have learnt back to practice..."


Ms Lucky Kaur

Hygienist - The Hygienist Course

"...Overall the programme was very thorough/imformative, it's a great way of really just implementing this in practice and working in a very comprehensive way with the extended team."

The Essential of Perio Course (Online)


Dr Afreen Rahman

Dentist - The Essentials of Perio Course

“I cannot recommend it enough. The format of it being a video makes it so accessible - you can pause, rewind and go through things over and over again.”


Dr Ariane Sampson

Dentist - The Essentials of Perio Course 

"They're quick short, sharp but very effective and efficient lessons in perio which is essential for any clinician, be it a Specialist Orthodontist or General Dentist"


Dr Beth Rushworth

Dentist - The Essentials of Perio Course

"Personally I like the option of being able to learn from anywhere or learn on the go, so I found the videos really accessible and useful for me and they really fit into my lifestyle."


Dr Erin Morgan

Dentist - The Essentials of Perio Course

"The videos are broken down into small bitesize chunks, the pace is good and flowcharts are used which is great if you are a visual learner."


Dr Hass Hamdan

Dentist - The Essentials of Perio Course

“One of the most well thought out courses. It’s honestly incredible. It takes you through from start to end. There is something here for everyone . You can see the amount of time and effort that’s gone into putting this course together.”


Ms Nicole Elango

Dental Student - The Essentials of Perio Course

"I definitely do recommend this to any undergraduate dental students, hygienist students and clinicians. It covers a whole range of topics."


Dr Prateek Biyani

Dentist - The Essentials of Perio Course

"Reena's excellent teaching skills is reflected in the fact that she can break topics down into this step-by-step course. The most attractive thing for me is that I could fit this course around my lifestyle, so whenever I get any gaps or short breaks I can access the videos"


Dr Raabiha Mann

Dentist - The Essentials of Perio Course

"I think it's basic enough for those that have newly qualified but it's also complex enough for those that have had years of experience. Would 100% recommend."



Dr Victoria Sampson

Dentist - The Essentials of Perio Course

"The lessons show us how we can provide our patients with the best, holistic, multi-disciplinary care."


Dr Vinay Raniga

Dentist - The Essentials of Perio Course

"It's got everything you need to know from the new classification to learning about handscaling and ultrasonic scaling to the more complicated such as crown lengthening."


Dr Yewande Oduwole

Dentist - The Essentials of Perio Course

"I would definitely recommend this course to anyone that just wants to learn and add value to their careerespecially students."

The Perio Programme for Nurses


Alisha Inayet


"I've just completed the Perio Programme for Nurses and it's been an absolutely amazing experience. I've worked with Reena and across the team and I've taken skills that I'll take with me forever..."



Lynn Chen


"Hi, I'm Lynn, I just completed the Perio Programme for Nurses. It's really a great oppertunity for me to work with top leading specialist on Harley Street and I really enjoyied working at RW Perio and I want to thank you to Dr Reena and Dr Devan and all the periodontal hygienists who helped me with my personal statement for my university application."


The Perio Course (In-Person)


Abbas Amanji 

Dentist - The Perio Course

Do it you won’t regret it. That’s it.”


Adeel Nazir

Dentist - The Perio Course 

 “It’s a very comprehensive course theoretically and hands-on. It brings you up to date on the latest classification and latest techniques.”


Adriana Yepez

Dentist - The Perio Course

“I feel more confident when I think about perio. I have started to really like perio. Would absolutely recommend it to all my friends, it is easy to understand and the you have the opportunity to have hands-on with the latest instruments and materials.”


Alaa Ati

Dentist - The Perio Course

“It’s truly been one of the best courses I’ve been on. Reena teaches you perio like no other person. She reignites your love and passion for it. There’s a large hands-on component. I’d recommend everyone to go on this course whether your newly qualified or more experienced.”


Amreeta Sanghera 

Dental - The Perio Course

“I have found the course absolutely amazing. It has opened my eyes and given me a new perspective on perio, something that I have avoided delving into.”


Eliza Moza

Dentist - The Perio Course

“The course sparked my interest in perio, it was a great refresher and Reena is an amazing teacher. The way she explains things is so understandable and I absolutely loved it.”


Karine Hass

Dentist - The Perio Course

“It’s always good to keep up-to-date and Reena helped us with the latest techniques. The course organisation was very good, and I really enjoyed the practicals. I really recommend it.”


Khushboo Baba

Dentist - The Perio Course

“I really enjoyed it. Reena is such a good teacher. I’ve always had an interest in perio and never got to experience the surgical side and today we had a full hands-on day. I didn’t think I would enjoy the non-surgical side but really enjoyed it. The course is great for anyone.”


Naehali Shah 

Dentist - The Perio Course

“I wanted to study perio further but didn’t want to do specialty training so this was a good way for me to improve what I do in perio but stick with the restorative element that I like in practice. It’s been really interactive, there’s a lot more to learn than what people think of a perio course. It’s been really fun!”


Naveen Sivanandam 

Dentist - The Perio Course

“Reena’s course was fantastic. Everything I’ve learnt I feel like I can immediately implement in practice. Renea is a humble and the one-to-one support is fantastic. Confident knowing, I have the support of Reena even after the course has finished.”


Raabiha Maan

Dentist - The Perio Course

“Amazing. It was 2 days and I thought I’d fall asleep as it’s perio but Reena was fantastic. I was engaged throughout and I can’t wait to apply what I’ve learnt. Reena was there for any level of question. She always has the answer.”


Tejal Patel 

Dentist - The Perio Course

“Extremely information. Fundamentals to more advanced techniques. Covered everything you need to know about perio.”


Tom Gooding

Dentist - The Perio Course

“Really good. Found out about things that I didn’t realise I was missing. Simplified procedures which I thought were really complicated but it’s been broken down really nicely so I can give it a go when I go back to practice.”

The Local Anaesthetics Mini Masterclass


Dr Yewande Oduwole

Dentist - The Local Anaesthetics Mini Masterclass

“Local anaesthetic is something that we all administer. Once we learn about it in dental school, we put it straight into practice and we don’t give it much thought. I found with Reena’s course she goes into detail about the history, why we do what we do, how to administer a painless injection. I love the learning style and the fact you can access the videos whenever you want. I definitely recommend you check it out.”


Dr Nicole Elango

Dental Student - The Local Anaesthetics Mini Masterclass

“I’m really loving it. It’s online so it’s flexible so you can revise whenever you want, wherever you want. The course takes you all the way from the basics to how to manage complications and needle phobics. Enjoyed seeing techniques on real life patients. There’s a chance to ask questions at the end of each video.”

The Airflow Mini Masterclass


Ms Linzy Baker

Hygienist - The Airflow Mini Masterclass

"It's short and sweet. The programme is suitable for new and old users. There are tips and tricks on incorporating it into practice."


Mr Vytautus Berenis

Hygienist - The Airflow Mini Masterclass

"The videos are on point and exactly what you need before you start air polishing"


Ms Voica Anca Muresan

Hygienist - The Airflow Mini Masterclass

"Everything is very informative, I really enjoyed it. I will definitely integrate within the practice and overall would 100% recommend this course to any clinician."


Ms Hind Merghani

Hygienist - The Airflow Mini Masterclass

Well-structured, comprehensive and super helpful. I particularly enjoyed the practical aspects where Reena is in the surgery demonstrating the different techniques”.


Ms Rosanna Dolling

Hygienist - The Airflow Mini Masterclass

“I really enjoyed the course and we covered a lot of different aspects, all of which will benefit me and my patients. The course was engaging and split into bitesize chunks.”


Ms Nadine Hamadelneil

Hygienist - The Airflow Mini Masterclass

“When I heard about the Airflow Mini Masterclass I was really excited. I’ve done Reena’s courses before and I find them to be very useful. I love the way she teaches - she gives you exactly what you need to know. The fact that it’s online means you can watch it over and over again.”


Ms Bianca Agirbicean

Hygienist - The Airflow Mini Masterclass

“The course is very informative, short and easy to follow. Covers everything you need to know. I strongly recommend it to those that are new to Airflow and also to those that already use it.”


Ms Jade Tan

Hygienist - The Airflow Mini Masterclass

“I would recommend this to anyone. Reena breaks everything down into simple steps and she is there to answer any questions at any time.”


Ms Monika Krumova

Hygienist - The Airflow Mini Masterclass

"It has been so informative. I couldn't recommend the course enough. It's easy to follow and broken down for you so you can understand it"

The Crown Lengthening Course


Dr Anil Maini

Dentist - The Crown Lengthening Course

"It's a very good course. Very well put together. Felt I learnt a lot today. Reena is a brilliant speaker. Taking everything stage by stage was helpful - lecture then practical. Gives us a lot of confidence to provide this in practice. Go for it - I really recommend it!"


Dr Arti Sahah

Dentist - The Crown Lengthening Course

“It's been really interesting. Very informative. Reena has broken it down into a very nice concise format so it's easy to understand and implement in practice. There were a lot of practicals which was really important. Go for it! Reena is very knowledgable and will answer all your questions"


Dr Camilla McPhee

Dentist - The Crown Lengthening Course

“It’s been really really really good. We learnt good suturing techniques and went over stuff that you can use in practice. I really enjoyed the day."


Dr Kerthan Srividiyakaran

Dentist - The Crown Lengthening Course

"She went through everything from start to finish and everything tied together. I got so much from today and I *feel confident to go into practice and give it a go!"


Dr Mathura Balasubramaniam

Dentist - The Crown Lengthening Course

"All the courses are amazing. Well organised and well presented. The resources that you get are amazing, definitely recommend."


Dr Nahid Akhter Adity

Dentist - The Crown Lengthening Course

“It was brilliant. I learnt a lot. I had no idea crown lengthening would be so exciting. The course is very thorough and one-to-one. I would strongly recommend the course."


Dr Shreyas Mhatre

Dentist - The Crown Lengthening Course

“I’d seen Reena’s online videos. The course is well thought of, very practical and made in such a way that it is very simple to follow.”


Dr Sushruta Mohite

Dentist - The Crown Lengthening Course

“It’s been a whole day course. We learnt lots of tips. Thank you so much."


Dr Anupama Jawahar

Dentist - The Crown Lengthening Course

"...it has been absolutley brilliant, simple, plenty of hands on and I feel super confident to go and do crown lengthening..."


Dr Chinwe Akuonu

Dentist - The Crown Lengthening Course

"...It's been an amazing experience so far, its a lovely practice where she does her training with state of art dental equipment..."


Dr Khushboo Unnadkat

Dentist - The Crown Lengthening Course

"...I found the day really useful, being in practice finally after university has been quite scary and starting with my extractions in practice and now going in to crown lengthening I feel a bit more confident, even with little things like extractions, we've been able to learn about bone removal, flap designs stuff like that, so now I feel that I can practice that at work as well and try it out on patients and I feel a lot more confident."


Dr Nikhil Kanani

Dentist - The Crown Lengthening Course

"...It was super well organised, everything you needed was there, the lecture material all the equipment you needed was spot on, so there was nothing else to worry about except concentrating on what Reena's delivering. The actual day was broken up really well in to chunks of theory and practical..."


Dr Yewande Oduwole

Dentist - The Crown Lengthening Course

"...I found the day really really useful, we've been able to practice various methods and things I wouldn't have been confident to do before and now I feel that when I get a Crown Lengthening case instead of freaking out, I will now be able to use what I have learnt today and implement it and yeah I have found really really beneficial."

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