The Local Anaesthetics Mini Masterclass

  • Who: Hygienists/Therapists, Dentists, Students
  • Format: Online

  • Duration: Unlimited

  • CPD: 6 hours

  • Investment: £300 + VAT (GBP)


Need a confidence booster and refresher with techniques on administering local anaesthesia? Keen on improving your skill to provide comfortable anaesthesia to all patients including needle phobic/difficult patients? Want a breakdown of the science behind LA including medical interactions to be aware of? If you’ve answered yes to any of those, this mini masterclass is for you.

Course Overview


Lesson Sample



Online Course Lessons

  1. Aims and objectives
  2. Introduction
  3. The History
  4. The Science
  5. The armamentarium
  6. Selection of local anaesthesia
  7. Maximising patient comfort and managing needle phobics
  8. Anatomical considerations
  9. Basic injection techniques
  10. Various injection techniques – step-by-step
  11. Failure of anaesthesia
  12. Complications and risks
  13. Common questions
  14. Resources and reading material
  15. Conclusion
  16. Quiz



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The Local Anaesthetics Mini Masterclass

£300 + VAT (GBP)

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