The Hygienist Course

  • Who: Hygienists, Therapists and Students
  • Format: Online

  • Duration: Unlimited

  • CPD: 15 hours

  • Investment: £790 + VAT (GBP)


It's time to be recognised as a vital team member in your dental practice. You will transform from a hygienist/therapist to a holistic healthcare professional. We believe hygienists play an integral role on the delivery of healthcare and should be viewed as clinicians, the same as dentists, and not as auxiliaries.

You will become a hygienist/therapist with a more rounded and grounded approach to treatment cases, which will not only help your patients and patient journey but impress your dental colleagues just as much.

Our in-depth theory together with teaching you perfect technique will make you a great hygienist that stands out at your practice. Once you transform into a master hygienist you will be able to charge a premium for your expertise.

Course Overview (6 P's)


The online course contains exclusive practical content with Dr Reena in surgery. Watch Dr Reena teach you multiple techniques and best practices, including probing, scaling, ultrasonics, airflow and many more. Video lessons available on the go, anytime you need them. Whether that's in surgery just before your next patient, watching them the night before a difficult patient or brushing up on your communication skills on a day off.

Lesson Sample

1. Probing - Background And Terminology


Online Course Lessons


Module 1

  1. Resources & downloads
  2. Background and terminology
  3. Making probing comfortable
  4. Calculus in the way
  5. BPE guidelines
  6. Understanding probing depths and explaining to your patients
  7. Assessing recession, furcations, mobility
  8. Probing around implants and what it means
  9. What to do when dentists’/other hygienists BPE’s are different to yours
  10. Patient feedback
  11. Action points
  12. Quiz


Module 2

  1. Resources and downloads
  2. Think like a clinician
  3. Planning cases
  4. Radiographs and sensibility testing
  5. Diagnosis
  6. Risk factors
  7. When to refer and what to say to your patients
  8. SPT/maintenance
  9. A typical treatment plan
  10. Case examples
  11. Specialist care
  12. Action points
  13. Quiz


Module 3

  1. Resources and downloads
  2. Why it’s important
  3. Providing effective OHI
  4. Motivating patients
  5. What to do if the OH doesn’t improve
  6. The latest evidence-base on halitosis
  7. The latest evidence-base on dentine hypersensitivity
  8. Product prescription
  9. Plaque traps
  10. Perio-systemic
  11. Action points
  12. Quiz

Periodontal Therapy

Module 4

  1. Resources and downloads
  2. Giving LA comfortably
  3. Terminology and indications
  4. Consent
  5. Number of appointments
  6. Healing and expected improvements
  7. Understand the science
  8. Use of antibiotics
  9. Airflow
  10. Ultrasonic instrumentation
  11. Hand instrumentation
  12. Instrumentation around dental implants
  13. Backache, RSI
  14. Action points
  15. Bonus video – Ultrasonic instrumentation
  16. Bonus videos - Specialist care - Gum recession surgery
  17. Bonus videos - Aesthetic and restorative crown lengthening
  18. Quiz


Module 5

  1. Resources and downloads
  2. Intro
  3. Preparation
  4. Building blocks
  5. Chasing LA prescriptions
  6. Completing a pocket chart
  7. Note writing and templates
  8. Reception staff
  9. Managing late patients
  10. Direct access
  11. Feeling overwhelmed
  12. Action points
  13. Quiz

Problem Solving

Module 6

  1. Intro
  2. Working with your boss
  3. Patient needs multiple appointments
  4. Recurrent FTAs
  5. The super sensitivie patient
  6. The challenging patient
  7. Worried about getting sued
  8. Professional development
  9. Features of a good job and applying
  10. Action points
  11. What’s next
  12. Quiz



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The Hygienist Course

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  • 6 month payment plan
  • 6 Modules
  • 80 Lessons
  • Work at your own pace
  • Online support
  • Indefinite access
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The Hygienist Course

£790 + VAT (GBP)

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  • 6 Modules
  • 80 Lessons
  • Work at your own pace
  • Online support
  • Indefinite access
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The Hygienist Course

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  • Weekend (2 days)
  • Interactive seminars
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