The Essentials Of Perio Course

  • Who: Dentists, Dental Students
  • Format: Online

  • Duration: Unlimited

  • CPD: 20 hours

  • Investment: £790 + VAT (GBP)


Periodontics has the power to transform you from a dentist to a holistic healthcare professional. You will become a dentist with a more rounded and grounded approach to treatment cases, which will not only help your patients but impress your dental colleagues just as much.

Once you've completed this course, you're going to feel confident with all things perio. For example, the new classification. I know it can be confusing right now and it feels like it's going to take forever to apply it in practice, but I promise you'll be able to apply it within seconds. You're going to be able to explain with clarity to your patients what periodontitis actually is, using terms like open and closed pockets whilst explaining what is needed. You’ll see their face just light up when they understand what you're saying to them and thus you'll get good patient compliance.

Right now, you might be struggling with those patients coming in that aren't adhering to oral hygiene instructions. I will share a few tips on what you can do in the time you get in practice to really transform a patient and their motivation. With treatment you'll know what improvements you should be expecting. For example, if you've got a 7 mm pocket, do you know how much average improvement you should be expecting? We need to know those figures. You need to know what you can do on band one or band two on the NHS. What is allowed? What isn't allowed? When do you close off a course of treatment? What about the BPE? When do you refer? Which BPE code do you need to refer? What do you say to your patient? What are you allowed to say? What can you refer to the NHS? What about when you refer privately? What are the differences?

You'll know that the actual detailed steps of procedures such as crown lengthening and actually importantly understand the theory behind it.

You will become an all rounded, excellent dentist or dental student understanding perio in so much depth that I promise you’ll really start enjoying it!

Course Overview

 In Surgery videos:

Exclusive "fly on the wall" content with Dr Reena in surgery. Watch Dr Reena perform multiple perio surgeries shot in 4k. Including a "ten-tooth crown lengthening case" which you will not see very often! We will continually be updating a bonus section of perio surgery archives to help you learn.

Lesson Sample

1. Introduction to periodontology - Why is it important?


Online Course Lessons

Intro and Assessment

Module 1

  1. Resources and downloads
  2. Introduction to periodontology - Why is it important?
  3. Aetiology - Biofilm is the new buzzword
  4. Assessment - History taking - Asking the right questions
  5. Risk factors – Their importance and tips on management
  6. Risk factors – Diabetes
  7. Risk factors – Immunodeficiency
  8. Risk factors – Pregnancy
  9. Risk factors – Medications
  10. Risk factors – Genetics
  11. Risk factors – Smoking
  12. Risk factors – Vaping
  13. Risk factors – Stress
  14. Risk factors – Diet/nutrition
  15. Examination and special investigations – BPE and the 6 changes
  16. Examination and special investigations – What’s involved in a six-point pocket chart
  17. Examination and special investigations – Radiographs
  18. Examination and special investigations – Sensibility testing
  19. Examination and special investigations – Assessment of dental implants
  20. Quiz

Diagnosis / The New Classification

Module 2

  1. Resources and downloads
  2. Background
  3. Periodontal health, gingival diseases and conditions
  4. Periodontitis and the 6 steps
  5. Other conditions affecting the periodontium
  6. Peri-implant diseases and conditions
  7. Quiz

Treatment Planning

Module 3

  1. Resources and downloads
  2. Prognosis
  3. A typical periodontal treatment plan
  4. Translating the plan to your patient
  5. Providing periodontal care on the NHS
  6. Working with your hygienist
  7. When to refer
  8. Quiz

Perio Treatment

Module 4

  1. Resources and downloads
  2. Achieving effective plaque control and dealing with non-compliance - 5 steps for effective plaque control
  3. Achieving effective plaque control and dealing with non-compliance - Patient-derived change
  4. Achieving effective plaque control and dealing with non-compliance - Dealing with non-compliance
  5. Non-surgical periodontal therapy - Indications & consent
  6. Non-surgical periodontal therapy -Healing and expected improvements
  7. Non-surgical periodontal therapy - Tips for local anaesthesia
  8. Non-surgical periodontal therapy - Approach and number of appointments
  9. Non-surgical periodontal therapy - Hand scaling
  10. Non-surgical periodontal therapy - Ultrasonics and Airflow
  11. Non-surgical periodontal therapy - Back pain and RSI
  12. Non-surgical periodontal therapy - Use of antibiotics
  13. Treatment of peri-implant disease
  14. Periodontal emergencies
  15. Quiz

Supportive Perio Therapy / Maintenance

Module 5

  1. Importance
  2. Accepting pockets
  3. Deciding the recall interval
  4. What’s involved
  5. Quiz

Specialist Perio Care

Module 6

  1. Resources & Downloads
  2. General practice - Case discussions
  3. Specialist care – Periodontitis
  4. Specialist care – Recession
  5. Bonus - Regen Pocket Reduction Surgery - UR3
  6. Bonus - Free Gingival Graft - Example 1
  7. Bonus - Free Gingival Graft - Example 2
  8. Bonus - Partially De-epithelialised Free Gingival Graft - LR1
  9. Bonus - Coronally Advanced Flap - UR3
  10. Bonus - Coronally Advanced Flap - UR1
  11. Bonus - Coronally Advances Flap + Connective Tissue Graft - UL234
  12. Quiz

Crown Lengthening

Module 7

  1. Definition and biologic width
  2. Indications
  3. Assessment
  4. Surgical approach – flap design, osseous management, suturing, healing
  5. Timing of restorative work
  6. Bonus - Crown Lengthening Video - Aesthetic 5-5 - Example 1
  7. Bonus - Crown Lengthening Video - Aesthetic 5-5 - Example 2
  8. Bonus - Crown Lengthening Video - Functional UR5





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The Essential Of Perio Course

£790 + VAT (GBP)

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  • 7 Modules
  • 75 Lessons
  • Work at your own pace
  • Online support
  • Indefinite access
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