The Ortho-Perio Mini Masterclass

  • Who: Dentists & Students
  • Format: Online

  • Duration: Unlimited

  • CPD: 3 hours

  • Investment: £300 + VAT (GBP)


Are you a dentist completing or keen to start providing clear aligner therapy?

If yes, this online course is essential for you!


·      Periodontitis is the most common disease of humans so you will be seeing lots of patients with periodontitis who also want beautiful straight teeth.

·      A prime requirement of predictable and safe orthodontic treatment is a healthy and sound periodontium. Learn how to assess the periodontal condition in detail and manage it well before commencing orthodontics to ensure your treatment will be predictable.

·      Understand how periodontal procedures can help to deal with the consequences of orthodontic treatment or improve the final results e.g. management of gingival recession.

·      All the video modules are packed with interesting discussions, case examples and takeaway points.

Online Course Lessons

  1. Module 1: Introduction, risk factors, assessment & diagnosis

    • Introduction on the links and importance of a perio-ortho approach
    • Key risk factors
    • Periodontal assessment
    • Radiographs and sensibility testing
    • Diagnosis/new classification
    • New classification periodontitis case examples


    Module 2: Bone biology

    • Biologic principles of orthodontic tooth movement
    • Orthodontic mechanics in periodontitis patients
    • Specific orthodontic movements
    • Acceptable bone levels


    Module 3: Treatment planning and management

    • Prognoses
    • Treatment planning for periodontitis, including new treatment guidelines
    • Key risk factor management
      • Diabetes
      • Pregnancy
      • Drugs
      • Smoking
    • Non-surgical periodontal therapy
      • OHI
      • Terminology, consent, expected improvements
      • How many appointments
      • Hand instrumentation
      • Ultrasonics
    • Working with your hygienist
    • Referring for specialist care


    Module 4: Maintenance and maximising long-term success

    • Periodontal stability and when to commence aligner therapy
    • The studies
    • Deciding the recall interval
    • What’s involved
    • Retention


    Module 5: Problem-solving

    • Relapse of periodontitis during orthodontic treatment
    • Managing complications arising from orthodontic treatment – gingival enlargement, gingival abscess, periodontal abscess, endo-perio lesion/abscess, root resorption
    • Medico-legal considerations
    • Black triangles


    Module 6: Gingival recession

    • Definition and causes
    • Timing of treatment
    • Treatment


    Module 7: Crown lengthening

    • Introduction
    • Definitions and indications
    • Assessment
    • Surgical approach – flap design, osseous management, suturing, healing
    • Timing of restorative work



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The Ortho-Perio Mini Masterclass

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